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    • Facebook adds new Nearby Friends feature to engage mobile users
      Facebook has spent a lot of time recently talking about anything but Facebook. Instead, the company has spent billions buying technology and developing new apps separate from the Facebook service. But on Thursday, the social network announced the first significant feature for its core product in over a year. Called Nearby Friends, it lets users see which of […]
    • Critical Java Update Plugs 37 Security Holes
      Oracle has pushed a critical patch update for its Java SE platform that fixes at least 37 security vulnerabilities in the widely-installed program. Several of these flaws are so severe that they are likely to be exploited by malware or attackers in the days or weeks ahead. So — if you have Java installed — it is time to update (or to ditch the program once a […]
    • Top Chinese hacking team reveals members' identities
      The Keen, a top hacking team which took down Windows 8.1. Adobe Flash in just 15 seconds and Apple’s Safari Mac OS X Mavericks system in only 20 seconds during a Pwn2Own Vancouver event in March, has divulged the identity of its members, a Chinese newspaper reported on 13 April 2014. “50 percent of us are the top scoring students in the national college entr […]
    • Single step authentication on Galaxy S5 leaves PayPal accounts open to abuse say German researchers.
      PayPal was left fighting a rear-guard action last night after it emerged the fingerprint scanner seen on the Samsung Galaxy 5 smartphone can easily be bypassed. Germany's Security Research Labs says the spoofing system allows access to a user's PayPal account, which is an important issue since a key feature of the scanner is one-step access to the […]
    • Singapore broker urges 'light touch' Bitcoin regulation
      Singapore should adopt a light touch approach in regulating virtual currencies such as Bitcion, and instead allow technology to do most of the "governing" to safeguard against illegal activities.  According to David Moskowitz, director of Singapore-based Bitcoin broker, Coin Republic, regulation alone will not necessarily achieve its goal of addres […]
    • Sony: PS4 sales surpass 7 million units worldwide
      Sony continues to issue updates about its overall sales for the PlayStation 4 console. Today, the company said that worldwide, its newest home game console has sold over 7 million units since it launched on November 15th to April 6th. Sony's press release comes about six weeks after the company announced PS4 worldwide sales had exceeded the 6 million ma […]
    • Lacie confesses to year-long data breach as hackers harvest customers' details
      Lacie has revealed a security breach affecting visitors to its website, who might have had their credit card details swiped. A hacker repeatedly exploited a flaw in the Lacie website, using malware to gain access to customer details. The incident only came to light when the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacted Lacie on 19 March.Tags: LacieSecur […]
    • Canadian Heartbleed hacker arrested, charged in connection to malicious bug exploit
      A 19-year-old student has been arrested for allegedly exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability to steal taxpayer data from as many as 900 Canadians, authorities said Wednesday. The arrest of Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police marks the first time authorities anywhere have publicly levied charges in connection to the malicious exp […]
    • Why the Windows 8.1 Update probably means no more Service Packs for Windows
      In response to customer outcry, organizations holding off on deploying the Windows 8.1 Update will be able to get security updates for their systems for another three and a half months, as opposed to the 30 days that Microsoft originally promised. When the Windows 8.1 Update designed to improve the mouse and keyboard experience of Windows 8.1 was initially r […]
    • All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google
      Google added a paragraph to its terms of service as of Monday to tell customers that, yes, it does scan e-mail content for advertising and customized search results, among other reasons. The change comes as Google undergoes a lawsuit over its e-mail scanning, with the plaintiffs complaining that Google violated their privacy.Tags: GoogleGMailPrivacySecurity […]

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Repository Ubuntu Karmic/Linux Mint 8

Buat anda-anda yang ingin melakukan update dan instalasi di Ubuntu Karmic kesayangan anda bisa menggunakan repository lokal ini sehingga bisa lebih cepat. Perlu diketahui repository berikut juga bisa digunakan untuk Linux Mint Daftar Repository Lokal : Repo UGM : deb http://repo.ugm.ac.id/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted universe multiverse deb http://repo.ugm.ac.id/ubuntu/ karmic-updates main restricted universe multiverse deb http://repo.ugm.ac.id/ubuntu/ [...]

10 December 2010 at 01:50 - Comments

Cara Membuat Jaringan LAN

kali ini saya ingin membahas tentang cara membuat JARINGAN LAN .Apabila sobat di rumah mempunyai komputer lebih dari satu, dan masing-masing komputer ingin terhubung antara satu dengan yang lainnnya supaya bisa sharing data, printer, sharing koneksi internet dll, kita bisa lakukan dengan membuat jaringan komputer LAN ( Local Area Network ) sederhana.. Kalau pada postingan yang [...]

6 December 2010 at 09:12 - Comments

Hacking Menggunakan Netcat

Netcat merupakan tools yang banyak dipakai para hacker. Kepopulerannya terlihat dari hasil survey lebih dari 1000 pengguna Nmap pada tahun 2000 dan 2003 yang menempatkannya pada urutan 5 besar, yaitu urutan ke 2 pada tahun 2000 dan urutan ke 4 pada tahun 2003. Tools ini sering disebut sebagai “TCP/IP Swiss Army Knife”-nya para hacker. Versi [...]

21 November 2010 at 17:51 - Comments


Keterbatasan alamat IPv.4 merupakan masalah pada jaringan global atau Internet. Untuk memaksimalkan penggunakan alamat IP yang diberikan oleh Internet Service Provider (ISP) dapat digunakan Network Address Translation atau NAT. NAT membuat jaringan yang menggunakan alamat lokal (private), alamat yang tidak boleh ada dalam tabel routing Internet dan dikhususkan untuk jaringan lokal/intranet, dapat berkomunikasi ke Internet [...]

21 November 2010 at 17:45 - Comments