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    • Heartbleed behind massive healthcare data breach
      Further details are emerging on the massive data breach at US hospital operator Community Health Systems (CHS) that saw around 4.5 million patient records being leaked. Security vendor TrustedSec claimed yesterday that the "Heartbleed" in the open source cryptographic library was to blame for the data breach.Tags: HeartbleedSecurityIndustry News […]
    • This 16-Year-Old Wants To Make Email More Secure Than Ever
      In the next two weeks, Abe Storey is aiming to launch his latest startup, an email product called Lock Up Mail. He’s on a self-imposed time crunch, because after that, he’s starting his junior year of high school. “In its most simple form, locked Up Mail is two things. One, it’s super secure email. The other is a new authentication system,” Storey told Busin […]
    • Apple preps final non-security OS X Mavericks update
      Apple is working its way toward releasing OS X Mountain Lion 10.9.5, very likely the last non-security update for the 10-month old operating system. Apple issued a new build of the beta of 10.9.5 yesterday, according to 9to5Mac.com. The build, the fourth in a series for 10.9.5, was identified as “13F18.”Tags: AppleOS X […]
    • UPS now the third company in a week to disclose data breach
      Credit and debit card information belonging to customers who did business at 51 UPS Store Inc. locations in 24 states this year may have been compromised as the result of an intrusion into the company's networks. In a statement Wednesday, UPS said it was recently notified by law enforcement officials about a "broad-based malware intrusion" of […]
    • Twitter suspends accounts sharing beheading images
      Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced Wednesday that the social network was suspending all accounts that posted images from the appalling video allegedly showing the beheading of photojournalist James Foley. "We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery. Thank you," Costolo tweeted.Tags: Twitter […]
    • Scientists find traces of sea plankton on ISS surface
      An experiment of taking samples from illuminators and the ISS surface has brought unique results, as scientists had found traces of sea plankton there, the chief of an orbital mission on Russia’s ISS segment told reporters.Tags: Science […]
    • So why isn't there more app store competition?
       When consumers want to download applications on their smartphones and tablets, it's usually Google or Apple that's assigned the role of gatekeeper. But is that the way it has to be? Verizon on Wednesday denied a report by The Information that the carrier is prepping an app store for devices running Google's Android operating system.Tags: Indu […]
    • Smartphone Kill Switch, Consumer Boon Or Way For Government To Brick Your Phone?
      We're often told that having a kill switch in our mobile devices - mostly our smartphones - is a good thing. At a basic level, that's hard to disagree with. If every mobile device had a built-in kill switch, theft would go down. Who'd waste their time over a device that probably won't work for very long?Tags: Industry News […]
    • Hackers broke into Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation ONE DAY after MH370 incident
      The computers of high-ranking officials in agencies involved in the MH370 investigation were hacked and classified information was stolen. The stolen information was allegedly being sent to a computer in China before CyberSecurity Malaysia – a Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation agency – had the transmissions blocked and the infected machines shut […]
    • Think crypto hides you from spooks on Facebook? THINK AGAIN
      Activists just got another reason to worry about what spooks might be able to learn about them, with boffins demonstrating that a decent traffic fingerprint can tell an attacker what's going on, even if an app is defended by encryption. The researchers from the Universities of Padua and Rome have found that for activities like posting messages on a frie […]

Cyrus Rico

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Slax Remastering untuk Pemula

Sebelumnya mohon maaf kalau ada yang salah
ini hanya untuk pemula yang suka merubah rubah (seperti saya)

Slax Remastering

1.copy semua file/direktori yg ada dalam cd live slax
(lebih bagus buat folder baru dalam root folder)

2.edit tampilan boot
edit File splash.cfg (merubah tampilan text waktu boot)
edit file splash.lss (merubah tampilan grafix waktu boot live cd)
buat image dalam format ppm
pakai tools ppmtools untuk merubah file ppm menjadi lss
edit/ganti splash.bmp.gz (merubah tampilan grafix waktu boot HD setelah di install)
pakai gimp atau gzip7 atau yg sejenis jangan lupa file gambar
engga lebih dari 600×400 256 color

3.edit file didalam direktori modules
install dulu build_extract_module_ver.mo
extract file module yang mau di edit

4.edit tampilan login (ada dalam 02_core.mo)
untuk tampilan text edit file issue
untuk tampilan grafix edit inittab ganti runlevel menjadi 4

5.edit hostname (ada dalam 02_core.mo)
edit file rc.d sama rc.m ganti hostname sesuka hati
edit file HOSTNAME
edit file host

6.tampilan loading
edit/ganti file splash_top.png

7.tampilan shutdown
edit/ganti file shutdownkoq.png

note: jangan lupa semua module yang sudah di edit di kembalikan
kedalam bentuk mo di direktori base

8.add modules yang ingin di tambahkan
dalam folder modules (kalau ada)

9.buat file iso
buka console masuk kedirektori copian live cd tadi
ketik ./make_iso.sh /root/livecd.iso

10.setelah jadi file isonya bakar kedalam cd

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