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    • Hackathon team's GoogolPlex gives Siri extra powers
      L33tdawg: Speaking of hackathons, registration for #HackWEEKDAY at HITB Haxpo is still open with some awesome prizes up for grabs including of course EUR1337 for the 'most l33t coder' sponsored by Mozilla! Tags: GoogleHackathonSiri […]
    • 75-year-old human cloned for the production of stem cells
      Several years ago, as the therapeutic potential of stem cells was first being recognized, the only way to create them was to harvest cells from an early embryo. That embryo could come from the large collection of those that weren't used during in vitro fertilization work. But to get one that was genetically matched to the person who needed the therapy, […]
    • Facebook adds new Nearby Friends feature to engage mobile users
      Facebook has spent a lot of time recently talking about anything but Facebook. Instead, the company has spent billions buying technology and developing new apps separate from the Facebook service. But on Thursday, the social network announced the first significant feature for its core product in over a year. Called Nearby Friends, it lets users see which of […]
    • Critical Java Update Plugs 37 Security Holes
      Oracle has pushed a critical patch update for its Java SE platform that fixes at least 37 security vulnerabilities in the widely-installed program. Several of these flaws are so severe that they are likely to be exploited by malware or attackers in the days or weeks ahead. So — if you have Java installed — it is time to update (or to ditch the program once a […]
    • Top Chinese hacking team reveals members' identities
      The Keen, a top hacking team which took down Windows 8.1. Adobe Flash in just 15 seconds and Apple’s Safari Mac OS X Mavericks system in only 20 seconds during a Pwn2Own Vancouver event in March, has divulged the identity of its members, a Chinese newspaper reported on 13 April 2014. “50 percent of us are the top scoring students in the national college entr […]
    • Single step authentication on Galaxy S5 leaves PayPal accounts open to abuse say German researchers.
      PayPal was left fighting a rear-guard action last night after it emerged the fingerprint scanner seen on the Samsung Galaxy 5 smartphone can easily be bypassed. Germany's Security Research Labs says the spoofing system allows access to a user's PayPal account, which is an important issue since a key feature of the scanner is one-step access to the […]
    • Singapore broker urges 'light touch' Bitcoin regulation
      Singapore should adopt a light touch approach in regulating virtual currencies such as Bitcion, and instead allow technology to do most of the "governing" to safeguard against illegal activities.  According to David Moskowitz, director of Singapore-based Bitcoin broker, Coin Republic, regulation alone will not necessarily achieve its goal of addres […]
    • Sony: PS4 sales surpass 7 million units worldwide
      Sony continues to issue updates about its overall sales for the PlayStation 4 console. Today, the company said that worldwide, its newest home game console has sold over 7 million units since it launched on November 15th to April 6th. Sony's press release comes about six weeks after the company announced PS4 worldwide sales had exceeded the 6 million ma […]
    • Lacie confesses to year-long data breach as hackers harvest customers' details
      Lacie has revealed a security breach affecting visitors to its website, who might have had their credit card details swiped. A hacker repeatedly exploited a flaw in the Lacie website, using malware to gain access to customer details. The incident only came to light when the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) contacted Lacie on 19 March.Tags: LacieSecur […]
    • Canadian Heartbleed hacker arrested, charged in connection to malicious bug exploit
      A 19-year-old student has been arrested for allegedly exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability to steal taxpayer data from as many as 900 Canadians, authorities said Wednesday. The arrest of Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police marks the first time authorities anywhere have publicly levied charges in connection to the malicious exp […]

Cyrus Rico

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Slax Remastering untuk Pemula

Sebelumnya mohon maaf kalau ada yang salah
ini hanya untuk pemula yang suka merubah rubah (seperti saya)

Slax Remastering

1.copy semua file/direktori yg ada dalam cd live slax
(lebih bagus buat folder baru dalam root folder)

2.edit tampilan boot
edit File splash.cfg (merubah tampilan text waktu boot)
edit file splash.lss (merubah tampilan grafix waktu boot live cd)
buat image dalam format ppm
pakai tools ppmtools untuk merubah file ppm menjadi lss
edit/ganti splash.bmp.gz (merubah tampilan grafix waktu boot HD setelah di install)
pakai gimp atau gzip7 atau yg sejenis jangan lupa file gambar
engga lebih dari 600×400 256 color

3.edit file didalam direktori modules
install dulu build_extract_module_ver.mo
extract file module yang mau di edit

4.edit tampilan login (ada dalam 02_core.mo)
untuk tampilan text edit file issue
untuk tampilan grafix edit inittab ganti runlevel menjadi 4

5.edit hostname (ada dalam 02_core.mo)
edit file rc.d sama rc.m ganti hostname sesuka hati
edit file HOSTNAME
edit file host

6.tampilan loading
edit/ganti file splash_top.png

7.tampilan shutdown
edit/ganti file shutdownkoq.png

note: jangan lupa semua module yang sudah di edit di kembalikan
kedalam bentuk mo di direktori base

8.add modules yang ingin di tambahkan
dalam folder modules (kalau ada)

9.buat file iso
buka console masuk kedirektori copian live cd tadi
ketik ./make_iso.sh /root/livecd.iso

10.setelah jadi file isonya bakar kedalam cd

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